The power of group negotiations with customized results


Community financial institutions partner with many different kinds of trusted professional firms including lawyers, CPAs, business consultants and technology experts to operate and compete.

With their own stake in the health and vitality of the community banking industry, these financial service partners are forced to stand idly by as Core IT vendors profit at the institution’s expense.  As long as the Core oligopoly remains unchallenged, the entire financial ecosystem continues to be jeopardized by one-sided agreements, unfavorable terms and escalating pricing.

Do you do business with a community bank or credit union customer who is being exploited by the Core IT vendor?  Ready to stand up for their health, vitality and survival?

Join GCC and help us advocate alongside your banking partners by representing their interest. Together, we will challenge the oligopoly, standing up for community institutions’ rights to get a fair deal from vendors.

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