Break free from the shackles of one-sided contracts

No longer at the mercy of core vendors

Stand up for fair terms and pricing

Better core IT & fintech contracts are possible – together

Goodbye outdated, onerous & unfair contracts. Hello Golden Contract Coalition.

Between high switching costs, not enough financial muscle, a market oligopoly and a lack of comparative data, FIs are at a true structural disadvantage when negotiating with core vendors one on one.

The Golden Contract Coalition (GCC) is the only company in the U.S. focused on enshrining favorable business terms in every core & IT contract nationwide so banks are less vulnerable to one sided, unfair and anti-competitive business practices. State and national banking associations understand the massive power harbored by the core IT supplier oligopoly and have done nothing about it for decades. We will.

Join the Golden Contract Coalition (GCC) and its rapidly growing membership of banks, credit unions, and friendly FinTech suppliers. Together, we will make collective contract negotiations, favorable & flexible terms, and fair & equitable pricing a reality for your institution and the entire industry.

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