Abolish one-sided contracts
once and for all


Fiserv, Fidelity (FIS) and Jack Henry & Associates control 85% of the Core IT services in the financial industry. With so few choices, community banks are swindled into bad contracts, with zero flexibility.

Shackled by contracts that last five, seven and 10 years or longer, small institutions continue to pay more and more, while receiving less competitive functionality and increasingly unfavorable contract terms. Bankers are unable to purchase and deploy cutting-edge customer-facing technology at a reasonable price, leaving a technology gap between their systems and those available to national banks.

Are you fed up with suffering under unscrupulous terms and overpriced services?  Ready to take a stand?

It’s time to rise up against the Core IT banking oligopoly and protect your franchise and shareholders from ever signing a bad deal again. By joining the GCC, you are joining the crusade to abolish one-sided contracts and outrageous pricing once and for all.

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