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An Open Invitation to Core & IT Suppliers

Dear Core and IT Suppliers:

You know as well as we do that you’re not offering equitable terms and pricing to the community financial institutions you serve. What’s more, you charge wildly different amounts for the exact same services from one institution to the next.

You punish shareholders in mergers, making sure it’s more expensive to cancel your agreements than it is to let them run their term. You provide service level agreements that are nearly impossible for a small institution to measure, and even harder to enforce.

You make billions in revenue, but fail to produce an internet or mobile solution banks can use to remain competitive against their regional and national rivals. Moreover, you make it as painful as possible for them to switch to a more competitive offering.

You lock community institutions up in one-sided, long-term technology contracts. Then, when it finally comes time to renew, they are forced to spend tremendous amounts of time and money negotiating against the professional poker players you dispatch as ‘partners.’

Our goal is to change all of this. We are not here to cause you any distress; we’re here to remove the distress that your contracts and business model have caused small institutions for decades.

Remember, a happy, profitable client that can use your technology to compete in the market, is a long-term client.

Even though you enjoy a market oligopoly, you need the banks as much as they need your solutions in order for everyone to thrive in our financial ecosystem. But as long as you keep overcharging them and roping them into unilateral contracts, we will keep fighting on their behalf.

We have created this coalition to work with you in developing a Golden Contract with simple, fair and universal terms for our member banks and credit unions to use in all future negotiations.

We encourage you to be the first of your fellow suppliers to engage with the coalition – demonstrate your partnership with the industry – and trail blaze the adoption of the standard set of terms that will form the foundation of the Golden Contract and help your clients and the entire industry thrive.


Aaron M. Silva
President & CEO
844-674-6533 x704

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